Basic Information Potential Employees Need To Know About

General Hours of Operations for Dispatching Job Assignments:

  • Monday thru Friday 5:00 am to 9:00 am - 1st Shift.
  • Monday thru Friday 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm - 2nd Shift.
  • Monday thru Friday 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm - 3rd Shift.
  • Saturday & Sunday hours will depend on what we have going on. Check with our postings and on the automated recording line for weekend hours (502-582-5553).

‚ÄčAll Potential Employees must bring with them a valid Picture ID & a Social Security Card to Register for an assignment. Just come in to our office during our open operation hours and sign-in.

We offer job assignments that will allow you to get paid everyday after your shift is completed and assignments where you get paid once a week. Our job assignment pay rates start out at $8.25 an hour and could go up to $14.00 an hour with overtime paid after 40 hours in one work week. Please check with the Office Staff for more information.

We do provide transportation to certain job assignments and we will pick you back up from those assignments when the shift is completed. Please check with the Office Staff for more information.

We are always looking for anyone that has their own transportation and are looking to making more money on their checks by providing transportation for other co-workers to and from the same job assignments that they are working on. If you are interested in making more money on your check and you have your own vehicle, please check with the Office Staff for more information.

Since most of our job assignments are "TempTo-Hire" positions, we will have repeat workers who are currently assigned to these positions. When you come to our office everyday, you must sign in to let us know that you are there and that you are interested in a particular job assignment. If any of those employees are not present for their repeat tickets, we will go to the sign in sheets and see who is available and suitable to be a replacement for that assignment.

Janitorial Services

                                                           KEC Fairgrounds Schedule:

Please check back for updated schedules as we receive them.


                    KICC Convention Center Schedule:

Please note that we will be looking for both males and females to split the number of employees needed for certain shifts and assignments. We need ALL FEMALES that are interested in working at KICC to come into our office and let a staff member know that you are wanting to work at KICC and give them your name and a phone number that will be WORKING AT ALL TIMES!!!

Please check back for updated schedules as we receive them.

                                           KFC Yum Center   

For every assignment at the Yum Center you must have on SOLID BLACK PANTS AND SOLID BLACK SHOES!!!! There is no scheduled stopping times. You must work the entire shift until EVERYTHING IS DONE and the Supervisors tell you that you are finished!!!!!

Please check back for updated schedules as we receive them.

Friday 3/20/2020 - 3/27/2020: NCAA Tournament Basketball Games TBA 


We will be having upcoming concerts and sporting events all throughout March Madness & April Soccer. We will be having:


Louisville NCAA Basketball Games starting 3/20/2020, Concerts & Louisville Soccer Games at the New Stadium coming in April

Where we will be needing extremely large amounts of employees for various shifts and some events happening at the same times.


Warehouse Packaging

We will be needing at least 30 workers to work on a warehouse packaging Plant assignment Monday  morning on March 23, 2020. Sign-ins will be at 5:00 am and these assignments are temp-to-hire positions with possibilities of returning everyday!!


We have NUMEROUS openings EVERY MORNING!!!!!!

We also have an assignment for all Temps that are interested in working on ANY shift on a daily paying ticket. This Temp-To-Hire job pays $11.00 an Hour for those wanting to get hired ONLY!!!

·    You must have your own Transportation to 15th & Algonquin Pkwy.

·    1st Shift: 6:00am – 2:30pm (We Need 15 Temps sign in @ 4:30am)

·    2nd Shift: 2:30pm – 11:00pm (We Need 13 Temps sign in @ 1:00pm)

·    3rd Shift: 10:00pm – 6:00am (We Need 4 Temps sign in @ 9:00pm)

·    A Background Check must be ran on you – No MAJOR Felony convictions and no felonies in the last 7 years & no drug or possession charges in last 3 years.

·    This is a beverage recycling plant where you must have steel toed shoes and a Hard Hat (we will supply that for you). You WILL GET WET!!!


WANTED: Warehouse Workers for Temp-to-Hire Positions:

We need a lot of extra temps to work on all 3 shifts every day at a plastic injection molding company that are temp-to-hire positions. We need ANYONE THAT HAS A CAR TO HELP WITH TRANSPORTATION for EXTRA CASH:

Monday through Friday - 5 to 10 temps need to sign in @ 5:30 am for a 7 am to 3 pm shift.

Monday through Friday - 2 to 5 temps need to sign in @ 1:30 pm for a 3 pm to 11 pm shift.

Sunday through Thursday - 2 to 5 temps need to sign in @ 9:30 pm for a 11 pm to 7 am shift.

The amounts needed for this assignment changes EVERY DAY so make sure you check into our office EVERY DAY to let us know that you are availalbe for these fluctuating amounts of temps needed.


Weekly Paying Assignments

We are taking applications for applicants wanting to work on a weekly pay assignment at a Celluar Phone Redistribution Center that will go for 3 months until they hire you in.

 This position is a Temp-To-Hire job that pays $12.00 an Hour for 1st Shift Shift for those wanting to get hired ONLY!!!

·    You must have your own Transportation to Riverport. We can help for the 1st week.

·    A Background Check must be ran on you –No Felony convictions in the last 7 years  & no Theft or Violence misdemeanors.

·   1st Shift: 7:00am – 3:30pm (6:15am – 5:00pm If working Overtime)

·   Mandatory Saturdays if Working Overtime



We are also looking for temps that are a "Certified Fork Lifter" for a temp-to-hire position. Please bring your certification cards and all paperwork with you and ask to speak with someone in the office for further details.



We have been having a particular client calling us every morning asking for larger amounts of extra employees on 1st shift. Please come in at 5:30 am for those positions; especially if you have your own transportation.


These positions consist of Dishwashers, Cooks, Prep-Cooks, Banquet Set-ups and Servers. For all of these positions you must have a uniform that consists of having on Solid Black Slacks or Dickies for Pants, Solid Black slip resistant Shoes and a Solid Black Long-Sleeve Button-Down Collar Shirt. Please check-in with the office staff with a working cell phone number to be called for upcoming job assignments.

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